In Place and Beyond Consideration


At Sinopale 8, the event program ‘In Place and Beyond Consideration’, curated by T. Melih Görgün, is taking place with two simultaneous events!

The events will be published on the Sinopale 8 website as an online screening!

By making a suggestion for Sinopale 8, where we think that each Sinopale will be represented with different functions, curator T. Melih Görgün would like to think about how we can develop practices against the conditions that prevent continuity, while touching on a subject regarding the concepts of “meeting” and “understanding” that the pandemic conditions prevent.

In the first event, Hayırlı Evlat, Dejan Kaludjerovic, and Roland Stratmann will be guests!

How does the ironic video work of Hayırlı Evlat,”Let Yourself Go“, in which it discusses the “happy city” phenomenon, overlap with the concept of happiness in today’s conditions?

You can see the “Let Yourself Go” by Hayırlı Evlat, produced for Sinopale 7 our archive.Click here for “Let Yourself Go, 2019”

Were the concepts of illness and prison a thing of the past in Dejan Kaludjerovic‘s installation “Out of Prison – Melting in to Sinop,  Inside the Prison – Searching the Private” prepared with children?

You can see the “Outside The Jail-Swarming Into Sinop, Inside The Jail-Investigating The Private” by Dejan Kaludjerovic, produced for Sinopale 2 our archive. Click here for “Outside The Jail-Swarming Into Sinop, Inside The Jail-Investigating The Private, 2008”

What does the act of “participation”, which Roland Stratmann put forth at different times in his works called “Pneuma” and “Everything Clearly” “ at different times,” reminds us in urban memory?

You can see the “Pneuma” by Roland Stratmann, produced for Sinopale 2 and “Everything Clearly” by Roland Stratmann, produced for Sinopale 6 our archive. Click here for “Pneuma, 2008” / Click here for “ Everything Clearly, 2017”


What can we say when we reconsider the concepts of “meeting and understanding”, which are hindered by the pandemic conditions, in Sinopale 8? How can we develop a practice despite the conditions that hinder continuity?

“Up-cycling”, the main theme of Sinopale 8, offers an opportunity for situations that we need to reconsider in the process between the past and the future. While the concepts of “production and participation” in the general framework of Sinopale were interrupted, the contextual reproduction of what was produced in the past began to be considered. In this context, what opportunities will we see when we re-evaluate the process together with the artists?