Everything Clearly

Everything Clearly, 2017

Roland Stratmann

Sinopale 6, “Transposition
curator: Nike Bätzner

In the forerun to the Sinopale, Roland Stratmann already involved citizens of the Turkish coastal town at the black sea into his art project. He asked them to send him postcards of the region, where they should tell of their daily life, their dreams and the current situation. 120 of these transmittals he has combined into a large-sized image carrier and cross-faded it with a transparent ink drawing. So the multi layered work combines the personal statements of the citizens of Sinop, and the artistic answer to that by Stratmann. A group of Oryx antelopes look curiously at the observers. The Arabic Oryx was, before its complete extermination, widespread trough the deserts and half-deserts of Western Asia. As a relative to the Unicorn it appears in several mythological narrations and representations of many different religions and cultures. Peculiar levitated, the animals emerge from the White background. The cross-fading with the sentence „It’s worth taking a vacation here. You can see everything clearly” transpose them into our present. The result of this cooperation between the citizens and the artist is irritating and graceful at once. It mirrors the current mental state, the courage and the confidence of the contemporary and former citizens of Sinop and lights an impressive figure of ambivalence.

Pigment ink on 120 postcards sent from Sinop, 152 x 198 cm