In Place and Beyond Consideration

In Place and Beyond Consideration

Project curated by:

T. Melih Görgün


Mehtap Baydu, Monali Meher, Dejan Kaludjerovic, Hayırlı Evlat, Roland Straatmann

What can we say when we reconsider the concepts of “meeting and understanding”, which are hindered by the pandemic conditions, in Sinopale 8? How can we develop a practice despite the conditions that hinder continuity?

“Up-cycling”, the main theme of Sinopale 8, offers an opportunity for situations that we need to reconsider in the process between the past and the future. While the concepts of “production and participation” in the general framework of Sinopale were interrupted, the contextual reproduction of what was produced in the past began to be considered. In this context, what opportunities will we see when we re-evaluate the process together with the artists?

The artist, Mehtap Baydu’s performance “Mothers and Daughters:”, how would we do the dinner performance in this period? Or, how does the ironic video work of the art collective, Hayirli Evlat, in which the “Happy City” phenomenon is discussed, overlap with the concept of happiness in today’s conditions? How would performance artist Monali Meher’s themes of movement, beginning and ending, continuity and sharing, which she dealt with in her work titled ‘3 departures’, correspond to today’s conditions? On the other hand, if Mehtap Baydu and Monali Meher thought collaboratively, how could they find a common answer?

What would happen if Hayırlı Evlat gave the answer “happiness” to the installation “I’m sick”, of Dejan Kaludjerovic which he prepared with the children?

The program will be held in two separate sessions with artists and art groups at different times.