Turquerie, 2017

Esther Suárez Ruiz

Sinopale 6, “Transposition
curator: Nike Bätzner

Turquerie, Turkery or the Turkish style is defined as the Western interest in the East,especially in the customs and culture coming from Turkey and the Ottoman Empire. Since the 16th century, this trend exerted great influence on different areas of art such as painting, music, architecture, even everyday life. It was a style used by European aristocrats to integrate Turkish or Oriental elements into their clothes, drinks and furniture. During the course of the 17th and 18th centuries, this fascination with Turquerie increased in an enthusiastic way. The Turkish style was present throughout the European continent. If you single out particular places with Turkery buildings it is hard to determine where they are located: Is this “Ottoman chamber” in Vienna, Dresden, Paris, London, Palermo or Istanbul? Suárez Ruiz presents a vivid sample of different iconic examples of that time from Germany in her picture collection.

20 postcards