Transposition, 2017

Emre Terlemez (Okçuer)

Sinopale 6, “Transposition
curator: T. Melih Görgün 

The Project consists of two parts;

A computer screen showing the video sits together inside a box together with a headphones.  The video visualizes the frequencies of the bronchial sound by macro shooting using the cymatics technique in liquid components. The video is  watched through the magnifying glass on the top of the box, while the audio is  listened to with headphones.

  In addition, the 3 components of Sinop earthquake record data dated 23-07-2016 belonging to the seismometer in Sinop Boyabat, sent by AFAD Earthquake Department to be used in the project, are  exhibited in the display vitrine table  . The sound of the earthquake data, which is converted into sound by the electrical-electronics engineer Beliz Kaleli, can be listened to through the headphones next to the table.

 The universe, the world, and humans are made up of intertwined, analogous , and interacting systems. The data gained from developing technology and scientific researches show us that there is Micro in Macro and Macro in Micro, and systems similar to each other exist in all dimensions of  the universe.

 When we compare some of the earthquake data converted to sound with the lung sounds of bronchitis patients,  they showed similarities. These similarities, though unscientific, created the impression that the world has bronchitis during earthquakes.