Review of the Weeks

Review of the Weeks, 2014

Romy Rüegger

Sinopale 5, “Clusters and Crystals: Observing at Point Zero”
Curator: Dimitrina Sevova

Broadcasted by Barış FM Radyo

Performed by Asılın Aynılır


A performance and a live-broadcast / Performans ve canlı yayın Two dead women cross the Black Sea. Patriarchy dies out in the middle of the week. The lover of a young quantum physicist disappears without leaving traces. Sinop wins a prize for being rated the happiest city in Turkey. A flying door is found in the former Post Office. The pronoun “o” is rediscovered as a means of reforming language according to new gender roles. From A to Anif.

Between facts and fiction this performance is based on a site-specific text written on the occasion of Sinopale 5. It combines different stories taking place during the building of this year’s Biennial. Singular observations and collective memory fold into a space that plays with timelines being performed by common media formats. “Review of the Weeks” takes a closer look at how stories and history are constructed in literature and photography, influencing our collective memory, our view on culture, identity and possible ways of imagining new roles in society.

Featuring texts by Annemarie Schwarzenbach, Ella Maillart, Deniz Süz, Red Hack and the Husband Killers.