Construction, 2019

Ana Filipovic & Philipp Mecke

Sinopale 7, “Here and Where / A Politics of Location”
Curator: Aslı Serbest & Mona Mahall

Construction sites, temporary yet lengthy occurrences in the urban landscape, are sites of both production and performance. While resting on a complex set of regulations, planning, and finance, construction embodies the collective consciousness in its most solid form. Each building material – the economies of its production, flows, or labor required to put it up – can be scrutinised through the lens of its political agency. At the same time, the repetitive sounds and actions inherent in construction can be seen as urban choreographies directed by the economic forces at work.

İnşaat (Construction) is a venture into building sites across Sinop and a collection of artefacts and narratives embedded in them. On one hand, it aims to open a discussion about the conception of the material world, i.e the material culture of the region, and on the other to offer a feminist perspective on this labor-intensive, exclusively male industry.

Thank you: Mert Karaçikay, Yiğit Kaya, Cagatay Simsek, Ezgi Ülkü, Erkan Akliman, Hülya Civlez, Doğa Burak Hayırcı.