August’ 2010

August’ 2010, 2010

Sıtkı Kösemen

Sinopale 3, “Hidden Memories, Lost Traces”
Curator: ?

The pictures are set in an alternate version of Sinop, reversing the traditional roles of “Sinop, The Black Sea”. They try to imagine changing the country so that “ The Black Sea “ is the centre of culture and excellence whilst “The Metropole” including such famous cities as Istanbul and Ankara are thriving with crime and home to most of the country’s prisons etc. Sinop has also changed to become the capital. Another of the most noticeable differences is the “Authorities” and the control they have over the population. When all children are separated from their parents and sent to school, the Authorities are the most important thing in your life. When you reach the age of twenty, it will be the Authorities who will decide who you will be “paired” with. The selection will pair two people of the same age and in similar professions (e.g. scientist with scientist) to ensure any children produced will be of similar mind (e.g. a scientifically minded child). Feelings play no part in the selection and the authorities, even without agreement of those paired, make the entire decision. There are many other, often-minor differences betweens the “Traces World” and the “Real World”.

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