An Unobserved Paradigm of the Hidden Economy

An Unobserved Paradigm of the Hidden Economy, 2012

Riikka Tauriainen

Sinopale 4, “Wisdom of Shadow: Art in the Era of Corrupted Information”
Curator: Dimitrina Sevova

How do you measure something that is hidden or invisible? This seems to be a contradiction in terms as the hidden economy is exactly that part of the global economy, which escapes the purview of the present social measurement apparatus and the circulation of capital.

The installation builds on artistic research and combines appropriated images, text and diagrams re-collected and re-organized from print and mass media. The aim is to draw transversal connections between these images, diagrams and text, and reflect on the flux of the shadow economy; how it parasitizes, perpetuated by the border regime, mobility, access and exploitation of the living labor and natural resources. While the project asks the viewer to focus on an unobserved paradigm between the market economy and the hidden economies in relation to biopolitics and subjectivity, it also touches on spatial and sociopolitical issues.