Wyhatuj się/ Stitch yourself

Wyhatuj się/ Stitch yourself, 2012

Monika Drożyńska

Sinopale 4, “Wisdom of Shadow: Art in the Era of Corrupted Information”
Curator: Işın Önol

It is a cyclic event in a course of which at the audience’s cooperation emerges a textile.
Wyhatuj się is untranslateble play on words: haftować ~ to embroider; haftować( in slang) ~ to throw up

Everyone is welcome to embroider one’s anger.
The piece will be ready when the embroidered words would unreadable, become a kind of abstract tapestry.

Till now meetings has proceeded in MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków, CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, Bunkier SztukiContemporary Art Gallery in Krakow, National Muzeum of Krakow about 500 persons have been embroidered oneself

Embroidery on cloth 200×150 cm