Wind, 2014

Evrim Kavcar

Sinopale 5, “Clusters and Crystals: Observing at Point Zero”
Curator: T. Melih Görgün, Dimitrina Sevova, Emre Zeytinoğlu, Aslı Çetinkaya, Işın Önol and Elke Falat

“Wind! To you and only to you I shall resemble”*


“Wind” is a handmade wind turbine which produces electricity enough to make Sabahattin Ali’s poem “Wind” to be heard when the wind blows. The production process redounded a meeting of those experts in electronics, repair and practice based knowledge and those specialized in solving technical problems, the most talented “transformers” of Sinop. Rare substances in the hands of people who can rarely come together, in a workshop like a cabinet of rarities come to life through exchange of ideas. It is being built with all sorts of ordinary material which is found in this workshop. A personal curiosity is transformed both into a collective production and a creative dialogue that promises continuity.


*A line from Sabahattin Ali’s poem “Wind” dated 1931. The poem is included in the book “Mountains and Wind” published in 1934. Another poem that had caused Ali to be prisoned in Sinop was also published in this book.