What Is Said To Be ‘Out Of Sight’ Is Also (Believed To Be) ‘Out Of Mind’

What Is Said To Be ‘Out Of Sight’ Is Also (Believed To Be) ‘Out Of Mind’, 2006

Handan Börüteçene

Sinopale 1, “Thing”
curator: Beral Madra

17 /18 / 19 / 20 / 21/ 22 July 2005 Sinop

{“The one who is ‘out of sight’ is also (believed to be) ‘out of mind’.”}

No it isn’t so actually…neither is it important!

Who you are, who I am, who it is….who they are.

Being judged…

Extenuating circumstances-aggravating circumstances…right to life-limited right to life.


Looking up to the sky from a window-like peek!

Looking down from the sky into a window-like peek!

(I did both today)

Time is not a horizontally flowing phenomenon, it is a vertically moving phenomenon…what is real is the “moment”.

Within that moment, I may move upwards and downwards as in an elevator, I can travel between different moments.

The past-the present-the furture…I can travel as much as I want inbetween these.

Everybody who would like to do it can do it…

Just focusing will be enough.

Standing and carefully looking…becoming intense…seeing what’s beyond…

Here I may suddenly meet Diogenes, who has chosen to sit in his urn (pithos) and has only asked Alexander to stand out of his sunlight…in this place where “shadow” is everywhere.

The backyard of the Sinop Archeological Museum is full with urns (pithoi)…the vessels of that period used for burying the dead, made of red earthenware …Diogenes already has chosen to live in a coffin while still alive!

Diogenes believes in “virtue”!  ?  he says that only one distiction is important in life; the one arising out of the difference between WRONG values and RIGHT values… distinctions originating from all other differences are nonsense he says:  mine – yours, public – private, naked – dressed, raw – cooked, rich -poor…guilty – innocent. Distinctions arising from all these differences are of no significance! Furthermore all common traditions are also nonsense !

Wrong values / Right values so what are those ?

At the waterside, I bought three items from that stand where almost everything was being sold; a pocket watch, a magnifier with a fancy grip, a battery-powered light which I could attach by the help of a pin anywhere I wanted.

At the end of a long string I hung the watch around my neck, attached the pin in my hair so that the battery light is illuminating my way, the magnifier is in my pocket…chatting with me.

When asked about his country/nationality Diogenes replies “I am a citizen of the world”…”I AM A COSMOPOLITAN”.

This word/notion for the first time was introduced by him!

I am installing the magnifiers right here, everybody is free to see what he wants…beyond seeing what is seeable/visible…

Each cosmopolitan who is not seen, is eventually both out of heart and out of mind.