Wait For the Right Outcome and Meanwhile Drink Tea

Wait For the Right Outcome and Meanwhile Drink Tea, 2017

Anne Baumann

Sinopale 6, “Transposition
curator: Nike Bätzner

There is a German proverb to disburden the moments in which something is not going the way it was meant to be: ‚Abwarten und Tee trinken!‘ As one may say: ‘Wait for the right outcome and meanwhile drink tea!’ In August 2016, Anne Baumann wanted to realize a mobile tea stand for the Sinopale 6 to get into conversation about local and abroad tea drinking habits with natives and Sinopale visitors. Due to last year’s delay of the Sinopale and some personal reasons this year, the artist couldn’t manage to be present in person. Therefore she created and transmitted an artwork, which is a symbolic melange of what might have been and what was happening instead. Baumann had to stay home abroad, had to be patient and meanwhile she was drinking a lot of tea on her own. The single day pages of the tear-off calendar are showing the particular herbal plants and the medicinal effects of the teas she was drinking on the respective days during last years planned exhibition time in August 2016. Through the daily use of the calendar on this year’s exhibition, she not only wants to reactivate collective memories of a specific time span, moreover she tries to establish a connection for the exchange of thoughts with and over the cultural technique of drinking tea.