Untitled, 2017

Uygar Demoğlu

Sinopale 6, “Transposition
curator:  T. Melih Görgün 

The dream to visualise builds a sense of touch, an individual strolling through a space lives a sensory experience while positioning himself/herself. Even if the space is changed, the seeds of the past are planted into the depths of it.

Artist Uygar Demoğlu usually produces works of art through the medium of video where the space is in the center, revolving around the concepts of destruction, demolition and transformation. 

In his work of art produced for Sinopale 6 which is a video installation, the artist recreates the image of sinkers shaped like a fish he has created based on the city’s relationship with the sea and reflects these images on the dark walls of the idle ice factory’s production hall which used to provide the city with their public needs. Thus he manipulates the perspective perception of the space.