Mixed (or) Complicated Sea

Mixed (or) Complicated Sea, 2017

Frank Hagen

Sinopale 6, “Transposition
curator:  T. Melih Görgün 

The history of the town Sinop goes back to several thousands of years at the Black Sea Coast. Having been an important seaport, Sinop went through a lot of historical changes in this enormous period of time.

Today, Sinop turns into a lively tourist center during summer. The Video is referring to the role of Sinop in the course of time and its very special character and its own struggles as a Black Sea town. The title of the work paraphrases the toponym, Kara Deniz  “(Black Sea) to karışık deniz” (mixed/complicated sea)


Video: Frank Hagen

Music: Erkan Akliman

Narration: Nilüfer Sülüner

Text taken from and inspired by Mark Griffin “buried at sea”

Video installation loop 5 min.