Tribute to Tolstoy

Tribute to Tolstoy, 2008

Alparslan Karaaslan

Sinopale 2, “The New Order of Things”
Curator: Beral Madra

All the achievements and doings of mankind through time. All our mistakes. It is towards something. It has an ideal. Every human being that has lived on planet earth has shared and been a part of this process and journey. But what does it say to us? Does it point a destination, a target? Through the use of science, art, philosophy and thinking, we reach information which we accept as real, true and certain. With scientific advances and accumulative information gathering, humans have deserted their inner self and spiritual side, thus affecting the way of life and have started to feel aimless as a result.


Are we just some organism with no aim or purpose to realize? Are we just some vessel with nothing more to discover? Or as Tolstoy said, do we have to become extinct and stop existing when we reach our aim of existing as mankind?