Süs, 2017

Sebastian Körbs

Sinopale 6, “Transposition
curator: Nike Bätzner

The Turkish word ‘süs’ can be translated as adornment, decoration, and ornament. It can be read forward and backward. So, it displays itself and is form and concept of the form at the same time. The German word “süß” means something sugary or cute. Derived from “Girih”-tiles, which are really common in the Islamic culture area, there are five elements to create a pattern. So, out of simplicity a great complexity develops. Thereby, the intentional setting of the middle, stands in vast contrast to the endless possibilities of combination. Körbs decides on site which formal element is put where to create the ornament. That means, that the complex form is put up together differently in every exhibition he does or attends. For Sinopale the single forms of the ornament are eatable biscuits and offered to the visitors on the opening evening of the exhibition. By unwinding the ornament partially through “tasting”, the bodiless observation of the artwork becomes a reviewing action. Appearance and taste of the single sweets shall seduce the visitors to convert their impressions into poetical expressions.

table with 1600 pieces of biscuits, 300 x 300 cm