There Was Truth in What They Said

There Was Truth in What They Said, 2009-2010

Fiona Marron

Sinopale 3, “Hidden Memories,  Lost Traces”
Curator: Rana Öztürk & Vaari Claffey

“There was truth in what they said”, is an 11 minutes long elegy to the rise and fall of our economic epoch. The video is a journey into the space of the former European Headquarters of the New York Exchange and its remains. An almost sci-fi looking scenario that unveils a forgotten eventless space, with its notice boards and statements still clinging to the walls. This peculiar setting, once an instance for economic security, is now an open testimony of loss and decadence.

Marron stresses here the relationship between the viewer and the architecture, merging two different truths, thus discovering that the space of the video is not distant from the reality of the beholder. The exhibition is a logical outcome of the artist’s previous interests and research regarding property, and the human desire to possess. Adopting a documentary type approach in her work, Marron reflects upon the ghost of our present day circumstances.