The Sea is Calm Now

The Sea is Calm Now, 2017

Maria Lantz

Sinopale 6, “Transposition
curator:  Jonatan Habib Engqvist

The history of the sea as well as its descriptions in myths, poetry, politics and visual culture has many layers and readings. What hopes, dreams and fears have been project onto its surface and what is hidden in the depths of the salty fluids surrounding us? Maria Lantz´s six large format photographs depicting different seas around the world is shown as prints next to a window looking out at the Harbour of Sinop and the Black Sea. The artist has written short texts with pencil on the photographs that reflect on how we understand the sea: As a place, a void, geography, or as a substance. Towards the end of Sinopale Lantz will come to Sinop and add to the series by photographing of the Black Sea from the shore of Sinop.

6 large format photographic prints and window.