Tamirlik, 2014

Johannes Hoffmann & Johanna Reiner, Eintagsmuseum

Sinopale 5, “Clusters and Crystals: Observing at Point Zero”
Curator: T. Melih Görgün

Eintagsmuseum realises the Project Tamirlik for the 5th international Sinop Biennial. 


Tamirlik is a Turkish word that means “in need of repair”. It is the title of a temporary shop that serves as a community space for sharing practical knowledge and to acquire basic skills in crafts.


Additionally craftsmen from Sinop will be asked to come in the shop to provide their know-how. Tamirlik Shop is a process-oriented project. At the opening, the space is nearly empty. Within one week and the help of the visitors an installation of tools and materials will come into existence.


Eintagsmuseum is a trans- interdisciplinary project. It was founded in 2011 by visual artists Johanna Reiner and Johannes Hoffmann and architect and art historian Isabel Termini.