Standard Euro

Standard Euro, 2010

Anne Metzen

Sinopale 3, “Hidden Memories,  Lost Traces”
Curator: Nike Baetzner

Standard Euro is a system by which every day phenomena (material and immaterial) are collected with the purpose to determine if within the so accumulated data any recurring theme or pattern regarding appearance, message or worldly perception can be found. Every object and immaterial data, every picture and word once included in the system is positioned and numbered, is listed and forms part of a stock of information – thus becomes pure information. The findings are considered as proof of the archiving method applied and are incorporated again into the system as phenomena being collected. On the occasion of a presentation of the system the proofs and the materials of the stock are combined along the theme selected and the spatial conditions.

For Sinopale 3 the artist developed – according to the parameters of Standard Euro – a so-called “Field Archive” for making investigations about the worldwide radar/listening stations. The base in Sinop is one of them and the first one that they started gathering information on with regards to its unique geographical positioning and the relationship with the surrounding inhabitants.

Field Archive Listening Station

Installation, 2010, BERLIN/SINOP