Sinopale Audio Night

Sinopale Audio Night, 2019

Akkor, Kuzey, Orginal Kopya, Hayırlı Evlat ft. Musdef

Sinopale 7, “Here and Where / A Politics of Location”
Curator: Aslı Serbest & Mona Mahall

Sinopale Audio Night event took place in Paşa Tabyaları as a part of Sinopale 7. Supported by Red Bull, Quadredesic Performans by Akkor, formed by Uğur Cinel, Mert Karaçıkay, Mitat Kemal Cankaya, Uygar Demoğlu, Üstün Lütfi Yıldırım and Yaren Eren Budak took place as well as performances of artists; Kuzey, Orginal Kopya, Hayırlı Evlat ft. Musdef.

Akkor was founded when Üstün Lütfi Yıldırım started composing electroacoustic music in 2010. Currently, he performs solo and produces collective interdisciplinary audiovisual live performances. Akkor focuses on found noises from urban life and city, uses electronic/electroacoustic instruments and computer-aided techniques. To enhance musical tales with visual narratives, he designs site-specific audiovisual performances that feature live visuals and light installations.

Akkor’s show featured multi-channel audio, light and video installation elements. Stage positioned in the middle of the venue. The sound world surrounded the audience, the audience surrounded performers. All of the installations got rearranged in every venue, venues became part of the performance. With live improvisations and strictly preprogrammed tracks, Quadradesic is a 70” live show without any silence.

Photos by Caner Özdemir