Sinop ‘The Most’ – ‘The Most’ Local Tourism Guide

Sinop ‘The Most’ – ‘The Most’ Local Tourism Guide, 2008


Sinopale 2, “The New Order of Things”
Curator: Beral Madra

Public Installations
(Video film/7’45’’ loop, red clay, glass, pen, paper, TV, tablecloth, cake, stickers, embroidered texts with beads, sound recording)

This event realised especially for Sinopale consisted of installations placed in various spots of the city. All these installations are preliminary works of the Sinop “The Most” – “The Most Local Tourism Guide”. The aim is to discuss this city’s local characteristics based on the global concept “most”. This guide has been prepared after experiencing the local agenda at Sinop. Some “mosts” have been determined by attempting to reverse the touristic view.

“The most” local tourism guide

This is not a usual tourism guide.

What is popular is not “the most”.

The most expensive is not “the most”.

Five stars are not “the most”.

The most sensational is not “the most”.

“The best” examples of the local actuality in Sinop are included in the guide.

The guide calls attention to objects, individuals, events affecting everyday life

and presents an upside-down look on “the most” state of mind.

Everyone’s “most” is individual.