Save the Future

Save the Future, 2019

Nil İlkbaşaran & Güngör Erdem

Sinopale 7, “Here and Where / A Politics of Location”
Curator: Aslı Serbest & Mona Mahall

Anthropocene thought, which uses all other living things for the benefit of humanity, has brought with it many applications that lead to destruction of many species of pollinators, along with Apis Melliferra known as honeybee in the West. 

The workshop “Save the Future” aims to inform the younger generation on the consequences of the deterioration of ecological balance and how we could construct a better future.

A three day workshop for children and their families was held during Sinopale 7. Bees lead the group to inform them on the threatened bio-diversity locally and globally and the course of action we could take for change.

The first day held presentations and conversations on the biodiversity as well as the practices regarding the use of water and energy sources, use of plastic etc., at the HAL patio.

The second day there was a tour to Gerze, a town of Sinop, to visit Cengizhan Kaptan’s organic farm. This trip introduced the participants with a self-sufficient sustainable organic garden.  Here, local kids from the Gerze town also joined. 

On the last day, the participants produced banners on cardboards or textile which was placed in diverse locations throughout the city.