S.O.S. Sounds of Sustainability

S.O.S. Sounds of Sustainability, 2014

Fatih Aydoğdu – Ezgi Tok – Burak Kabadayı

Sinopale 5, “Clusters and Crystals: Observing at Point Zero”
Curator: Işın Önol

This work is produced using recorded sounds in Sinop by Ezgi Tok, Burak Kabadayı and Fatih Aydoğdu within scope of the below mentioned workshop.


Music goes beyond the simple production realized by playing with the tunes and stands as a manifestation of connections and produces political contexts. Although it has been widely disregarded for a long time, history of music is also political. In this sense, efforts of the kings, dictators, politicians etc. to use music for their own ideological goals, their demonising of certain Works and glorify others or struggles of big corporations to commission the most striking promotional tunes are not for nothing. Music is often used for defining a nation or a culture, for promoting and differentiating a simple product thus for building new topologies: National and military anthems, tunes for election campaigns, religious or nationalistic melodies for affection and agitation etc.


The three day workshop is not about learning sound techniques or programs. It aims to produce an artistic concept within the context of the subject “sustainability” which is one of the components making up this year’s conceptual framework of Sinopale. While discussing the concept of “soundpolitics” in the context of our work, we will also try to produce a sound work which can create its own alternative program. It also aims to create an experimental field and fill it with an artistic content and experience the necessary methods and analogies. We will try to transform the recorded sounds or possible “found footage” material into a sound installation by using simple music programs and simple methods such as “cut’n paste” and learning to use simple sound effects.