Restoring our Temples

Restoring our Temples

Monali Meher

Workshop Participants:

Ata Türk, Başak Soyöz, Burçak Konukman, Canan Günaştı, Çağrı Baş, Deniz Erdem, Ezgi Yalçın, Funda Oruç, Murat Tahtacı, Rabia Karaboğa, Şeyda Yazıcı, Tuğba Şeker, Tutlu Ünlütürk

Sinopale 2, “The New Order of Things”
Curator: Beral Madra

The Videos “Restoring our Temple” I & II were created during the 2nd Sinop Biennial, “The New Order of Things”. I was invited to conduct a workshop on the theme of Sinopale, involv- ing local students of Sinop, the historical town at the northernmost point of Turkey.

This “new” is employed possibly as an ambiguous term to imply the vanity of contemporary art system to continuously advocate the newness in art making, but also as a skeptical reflection on the state of political and economical affairs in our territory. In the age of inventing “a new” every five minutes which sometimes turns out to be a new crisis, we feel obliged to question the “politi- cal, economical and cultural new” that effects our everyday and lifetime. “The new as a value is something which is gone now.” (Nicholas Bourriaud, in his interview with Karen Moss) Thus, by using “new” and knowing that artists are not doing new things, we challenge the public’s para- dox conventions on the newness of things. (Text By Curator Beral Madra)

These 2 videos are the result of the workshop “Restoring Our Temples”.
The process of restoring our temples: in the sense of re-energizing our own bodies. Another order of rejuvenating ourselves, our bodies, minds and recognizing the benefit of collective energy created as a group. The participants in this workshop chose to sit crossed legged on the ground and rotate their bodies from the waist upwards in a circular motion. By repeating this movement for a certain amount of time, they focused on their inner self. This is one ex- ample of how we can learn to engage ourselves in meaningful activities rather than violence or war.

The workshop was held at different locations in the city of Sinop such as in the prison and by the seaside. The group was arranged in different orders (as structures, ‘New Body’ of a group) in relation to the public spaces so as to create different movements & energies.

The sound used in the video I (which was part of the actual workshop) is taken from local Black Sea Sufi music. The sound in Video II is the Sea and its surroundings.