Considering Everything That Grows

Considering Everything That Grows

project curated by:

Jonatan Habib Engqvist


Alvaro Campo, Eric van Hove, Maria Lantz, Ulrika Mohr, Raluca Popa, Bella Rune 

Although it has been around for over a decade, Sinopale is not an institution in the traditional sense. It is indeed first and foremost a network. Of course it can be frustrating when you come in from the outside and do not understand this multifaceted and organic structure, but with time it becomes clear how dynamic it can be. Each edition of the biennial is a trace rather than a result. Each edition becomes a chapter in a story, an occasion – an exhibition in constant creation where both local and internationally invited artists mainly produce works of art together with local craftsmen, tailors, organizations, bakeries, and some twenty volunteers. While “site-specific” and “sustainable” have become buzzwords in contemporary art, Sinopale is process-based at heart and as such both generator, platform and challenge for many of the participating artists through the years. For the 8th edition, I would therefore like to invite several previous participants to revisit their processes and reflect on what happened after or came out of Sinopale in a series of online conversations.