Museum For A Day

Museum For A Day, 2011

Johanna Reiner, Isabel Termini, Johannes Hoffmann

Collecting the Future “Urban Exhibition”


With the contributions of Çiğdem Borucu,Canan Özmen, Gökhan Özkan,

Derya Akkaya, Ece Dilan Köse, Vildan Büşra Tufan, Tolga Saraç

‘Museum for a day’ is a project about community service. It covers many subjects such as: authorship, history, reality, society and common memory, the visibility of history as well as heritage. This project creates a ‘Museum For A Day’. But it does not actually last for a day; it will go on for two months- but the idea was actually formed in a day. Everyone in Sinop will be asked to participate and asked to bring an object to the museum as a part of their individual voice in the creation of the museum. They are going to bring their memories, objects, stories, documents and photographs. We will also ask them to write up their thoughts, experiences and the reason behind the objects they would bring to the museum. This museum aims to be an alternative museum, which will be generating its own solutions to its problems unlike any museum concept we know of and opens a debate about the museum phenomenon.