Leavinghomefunktion, 2017

Anne Knoedler, Johannes Foetsch, Elisabeth Oertel, Effy Zeniou, Kaupo Holmberg, Burçak Konukman

Sinopale 6, “Transposition
curator: Nike Bätzner

In 2014 the leavinghomefunktion artists group initiated a transcontinental project, starting from Halle (Germany) with the aim of reaching New York. For over two years they exported their daily artistic process into mobile studios. This meant leaving behind the privacy found behind the closed doors of their European home territory in exchange for exploring the World through russian side car vehicles, the URAL 650. While placing themselves in a constant state of public they were allowed to come in close contact with the local everyday life and learn new ways of seeing and acting in the world. Their choice in vehicle was intentional: A very basic and slow machine, well known by local culture and reputable for its long list of breakdowns. For the artists this tool acted as the perfect key to communication which took down dividing categories such as “local” and “tourist” and opened up a space for the Exchange of problem solving and storytelling. Through an overlapping repertoire of failings the group managed to create a supportive network of the most unexpected characters from the extreme remoteness of the East to the heavy overpopulation of the West. During their long adventure the concept of “failing” – unlike “failure” established itself as a major tool. In 2017 after an infinite series of mishaps and breakdowns their Sisyphean efforts came to a halt: They managed to push the boulder to its final NYC stop. 

For the SINOPALE 6 the leavinghomefunktion group invites the audience to step into an extension of their mobile studio. While setting themselves in a new and public territory they will develop interactive actions based on the material collected during their travels. These actions will respond to schemes of goal setting, failing and problem solving. All results of the leavinghomefunktion participation in the SINOPALE will inform the groups current focus on archiving and transmitting “the function of failing”.