I Don’t Understand Süreyya

I Don’t Understand Süreyya, 2017

İpek Hamzaoğlu

Sinopale 6, “Transposition
curator: T. Melih Görgün 

Video by İpek Hamzaoğlu produced for Sinopale 6 are based on analysis of the aesthetic and visual language learnt from TV shows and movies and producing through putting them into a processes of collaboration and coproduction. 

I Don’t Understand Süreyya shows a rather ordinary conversation between two women where one asks questions to the other to find herself in a world of others, affected and transformed by that world. The script is adapted from Ayşe Turkay Yiğit‘s story that she has written after the Turkish government declared a curfew in Sur, Diyarbakır for 3 months that took place as part of the Kurdish-Turkish conflict. Without reflecting directly on the conflict, the film focuses on the melancholy and the inner unrests of a woman.

story: Ayşe Turkay Yiğit

performers: Ayşe Turkay Yiğit & Hülya Gümüş

camera: İpek Hamzaoğlu & Caner Özdemir

sound: İbrahim Hekim

music: Pedram Makvandi

HD Video, 6 min.