Horst & Maria: The Perfect Residents

Horst & Maria: The Perfect Residents, 2017

Christian Jankowski & Class of Christian Jankowski State Academy of Visual Arts, Stuttgart: Jan Nicola Angermann, Ferhat Ayne, Min Bark, Ezgi Böttger, Nora Denneberg, Theo Dietz, Lucia Goedicke, Anette C. Halm, Shaotong He, Gabriel Hensche, Sören Hiob, Bangjoo Kim, Kasper Leisner, Charlie Stein, Alicia Hernández Westpfahl, Jan-Hendrik Pelz

Sinopale 6, “Transposition
curator: T. Melih Görgün 

We are always the same, but continuously different. Please understand that we don’t do this on purpose. For both of us this is a new experience. We do not want to provoke anyone.” Horst and Maria are distinctively marked by their unique appearance: characteristic hair, blue jackets, sneakers and black clothing. For the last half year, they have been living in Istanbul. During their stay, they were performed by 23 artists. Their character was shaped by this group, which also makes up their unique artistic practice. A selection of their works is shown in a small boutique located on Fatih Caddesi. From a speaker, you can also hear excerpts from a meticulously written daily diary, which Horst and Maria wrote and exclusively translated into Turkish.