Google Sinop

Google Sinop, 2010

Els Vanden Meersch

Sinopale 3, “Hidden Memories,  Lost Traces”
Curator: T. Melih Görgün

When the artist arrived in Sinop they decided to make a ‘Google Sinop’. They didn’t want to go to investigate the history with the help of official documents in the library but tried to get to a specific portrait’ or ‘image’ of Sinop through images that people choose themselves to show to other people. My project consists of a new database of photos of the central images they found in small public places. In these places individuals choose what to hang on the wall or how to dress up there tables. The artist photographed in each place a central image (centrally positioned and mostly the biggest). The results vary from very personal stories to kitsch to bureaucratic imaginary. In the most ideal situation, which means sufficient enough time, they would like to visit every (semi)-public place in whole of Sinop. The whole project is about images, the use of them and how they are used to give identity to persons and places. The artist hopes to discover the history and secret of Sinop thought its citizens in the compilation of all the images, shown without context, in one ‘book’. Even though the image collection will have the appearance of a google-collection it will show a specific site related spirit. The artist eventually will continue this strategy in other cities.

Foto installations, 2010