Fish and Chicken

Fish and Chicken, 2006


Sinopale 1, “Thing”
curator: T. Melih Görgün

Nokul is a kind of borek that is only made in Sinop. The most popular one – peynirli nokul – went missing. The white of the cheese was too innocent.

[What is the most common reaction of persons that have been put in prison for political purposes? Is it bitterness? Denial? Someone told me the reaction of the newspapers in a communist country to protests was that, instead of posting news on the revolution, they were posting absurd news like ‘A fat cat was killed in Chicago’ since censorship made real news impossible] I like to cut hair, it’s not bleeding. I washed all my clothes and the water became red but the clothes are clean now. [What borders are there between a sound response and insanity? Or between madness and guilt, shame and denial?] When I’ve cut the toe it was bleeding and it was very ugly first, then I’ve washed it and putted into the jar, now it is beautiful. We have to create our beauties by ourselves. [It is very often that governments are saying we put so many people in prison, because we have to do it, for me it sounds like we have to create our beauties, but what kind of beauties? To cut the toe, on which society walks, is it beauty? To put people into the ‘jar’ is that beauty? Is it not better to spend money on education for example, to have fewer idiots for the future?]

As a kid my mother warned me for sea urchins. She told me to wear my shoes in the sea. Now the sea is in my shoes even though I have not seen the sea for quite a long time.

[Shoes are objects that protect you from the lies and some kind of bad things, that can happen to you, but the lies can come in such a way that you aren’t aware of them, like people start to fight for good things and in the end they become killers in the name of ideology, religion or nation] Sometimes I wake up with this shopping list in my mind and the strange feeling I forgot something on it. [The missing lists of societies: the hierarchy of priorities and the topics which are dropped because fast development make parts of the list disappear, but I think these missing lists are still felt and at some point in time come back with a ‘pang’ to haunt societies]

From time to time a chicken of the village would get inside by a crack in the wall. I once caught one and with great difficulty I managed to kill it. But the next day another one came and another… I started to count them. I was worried that there would be no time for killing them all.

[Once the Sinop prison was a peaceful place- it was a market- then they opened a prison there. Prisons have a goal to protect people from ’bad’ people and in the end it becomes the hunting ground, a fight for power, the place where the one who is stronger can kill. What part do hunger and hallucination play in all of this?]

There is a huge tongue hanging on the window. But what the hell can you do with the tongue, when it’s already hanging?

[Freedom of speech, what can one does with it? How can one use speech without causing bloodshed in repressive societies and still have success with it?] Not very far from here is there. However, to get there is another matter. Why would I want to be there? If I would only be there… then that there would be here. But it is true that it is easier to get from there to here than from here to there. Maybe that is why I wish to be there….

[It is only up to you; if you want to fight or not, wars will never stop and new mythologies will be always build by new governments]

Fishing is an honest sport. The fish can decide to bite the line or not. That is democracy.