Everything Will Be Beautiful

Everything Will Be Beautiful, 2012

Maurice Bogaert

Sinopale 4, “Wisdom of Shadow: Art in the Era of Corrupted Information”
Curators: Satellietgroep (Jacqueline Heerema, Ronald Boer, Eliane Esther Bots)

Walking and biking through Sinop, one of the things that struck Maurice were the many construction sites. New roads and buildings are being constructed throughout the city. The sites seem to be preludes of a better, brighter future. But are they? ‘Everything Will Be Beautiful’ is a work about the better, brighter, and more beautiful future that is promised to us. He uses different media, like the digital billboards in the city center to share the words: ‘Everything Will Be Beautiful’ as a wish, a poem, a mantra. But who is actually talking to us? Is it a poem? Or is it an official announcement? Is it the municipality that wants us to stay tranquil?
‘Everything will be Beautiful’ is an artwork that strongly connects to the hopes and aspirations of the Turkish pioneers, who set out in the sixties to look for work and a brighter future in The Netherlands as a guest worker. People leave their homes and families every day, often due to political pressure.

Videos, 1’28” + 2’48”