Hospitable Sea


In the sixth episode of the “Hospitable Sea” series, Evrim Kavcar opens up the possibility of new processes in her dialogues with Tuce Erel and Serdar Akliman on the production process.


To Cemalettin Kaya for talking about Sabahattin Ali’s poem “Wind”, to Aylin Tekiner and Teresa Henriques for their conversations during the preparation process, to performance artist Fulya Peker for singing and sending the wind poem overseas, to Eşref Yıldırım for accompanying us in our Sinop walks, To Erkan Akliman for sharing his experiences on wind turbines, to Eşref Bey for making me meet with Serdar Akliman, for allowing the idea of ​​“Wind” to infect him as well, for not sparing his labor, material accumulation and practicality to solving technical problems, and Kazım Semerci, who had come here to repair his ‘bağlama’ three years ago and made it practical to work every night, for introducing the cabinet of rarities atelier, to Kazım Semerci during his one-week vacation, for sharing all the manual and mental effort that went into the construction and production of Rüzgar together with Serdar Akliman,  to Şener Olgaç and Emre Ovalı for thinking about their technical knowledge at the workshop. To Eşref Baş, who has the skill and knowledge to transform any material in his work without throwing a single piece away,  also who has the same photo that I hung in his workshop and saw the same on the wall of Akliman Digital, to Berrin Hanım, when I brought the palm leaves that had been cut in front of the old PTT, for immediately participating and producing solutions to my attempt of knitting and repairing the leaves, for their hospitality to the curators and Sinopale volunteers, especially for the invitation to dear Aslı Çetinkaya to Sinopale and our conversation on the idea of ​​repair.” Evrim Kavcar


Based on extensive production realized during the 7 Sinopale by local and international artists, curators and academicians, as well as local NGO’s and the public, this version of Sinopale can focus on the main historical, geographical, political and cultural world phenomenon of Black Sea, which is in the hearth of Europe and Eurasia.

Apart from all political, economic, environmental disasters the world is facing now, the future of WATER will be more fundamental.