De Rien!

De Rien!, 2006

Suna Suner

Sinopale 1, “Thing”
curator: T. Melih Görgün

TRUST THE TRAP, Performance, 30 min

When there is divorce and death, you have not roots anymore; for divorce and death are ruthless. Family is the reason why I am me.

Family is fate.

Family is what I long for.

Family is what is escape.

Family is what made me, me.

Family is what is incomplete.

Family is the big gap in me.

Family is the black hole; family is the sense of incompleteness.

Family is the learned concept.

Family is illusion, family is fiction.

Family is what is estranged.

Family is investment.

Family is what you are alienated to, family is what alienates you.

Family is your prosecutor; family is your solicitor.

Family is your mirror; family is the image you never can escape.

Family is the hair you grow.

Family is what never leaves you lonely; family is what leaves you absolutely alone.

Family is the network of power struggle.

Family is a web.

Family is process.

Family is eternity.

Family is the wounds.

Family is the source of subconscious.

Family is sacrifice that comes out as suppression.

Family is your circumstances.

Family is what conditions you.

Family is the honorable members of your subconscious and your destiny.

Family is what is hidden and family is what is intuitive.

Family is your habits.

Family is what is eternally incomplete.

Family is essential, family is in vain.

Family is inevitable, family is arbitrary.

Family is identity.

Family is lack of confidence.

Family is self-confidence.

Family is the embodiment of non-communication: family is communication and communication is impossible.

Family is what is coincidental. Family is what you love and family is what you hate.

Family is memory, family is fear.

Family is the net of impossibilities, family is the net of dead- ends.

Family is treasure and family is waste.

Family is burden, family is wreck.

Family is gain and family is loss.

Family is overwhelming and family is enlightening.

Family is prison and family is shelter.

Family is obligations.

Family is eternity.

Family home is the nest of all conflict and all violence.

Family is the garden where virtues and behavioral disorders are planted.

Family is the lab of life.

Family is Verfremdungseffekt.

Family is the milieu for ego centricism, power conflicts, character complexities.

Family is delusion.

Family is the reason, family is the result.

Family is tender.

Family is cruel.

Family is what is everywhere and family is what exists not.

Family is what you need and family is what you need not.

Continuability, normativity, satisfaction is family. Regret, tension, anguish, relief is family. Support, solitude, sincerity and sleep is family. In-betweenness is family. Forcefulness, food and taboos is family. It is the secrets, the self-deception, the shelter it is. Family is dream, the nightmare it is. The escapade and the lies it is. The mistrust and the distrust it is. Family is obsession and the compulsion it is. Family is language, family is identity. Family is eternity.

I am my family.

Suna Suner October 2004