Collective Consciousness

Collective Consciousness, 2017

Philippe Van Eetvelt

Sinopale 6, “Transposition
curator: T. Melih Görgün 

Human existence today teeters on a precipice. We are at a pivotal moment, at which our fate lies in our immediate collective action.

Technological growth, AI, and our immersion into the digital, hyper-real cyber world, will impact human civilization in unknowable ways.

It could be a threat, but we need to hope it is an opportunity. Only through a connected, collective consciousness, which we can create through connection with each other, can we ensure the future survival of ourselves and our planet.

Collective Consciousness is a visual poem about the progress in the world, the evolution of our species. In the transmutation from dust and stone, we see increasing evidence of human intervention and the rise of civilization and technology. From hand tools to the ether in which our cyberspace and digital media live, we need to consider what may become of us if we do not heed the danger signs that nature is giving us.

Bricks, mortar, paint, ashes, washing machine, sound system, sound sensors.