Coaster Conductor

Coaster Conductor, 2010

Rhona Byrne

Sinopale 3, “Hidden Memories, Lost Traces”
Curator: Rana Öztürk & Vaari Claffey

This piece invites the viewer to participate in a choral choir performance entitled the ‘Coaster Choir’ ; a vocal assembly composed by artist Rhona Byrne and conductor/composer Nathan Hall. This vocal soundscape and graphic score has been translated into Turkish for this exhibition so that the viewer can play with making the sounds of the journey of a wooden roller coaster by following the instructions on the graphic score and watching the conductor on screen.

This soundscape is produced from the artist listening and riding an historic wooden roller coaster ‘the Racer’ built 1927 in Kennywood Amusement Park Pittsburgh USA .

‘Coaster Choir’ has previously been performed by the American Coaster Enthusiasts club, ACE and was performed at Gracelands 2010, Ireland. This imaginary journey explores personal spatial and collective social relationships with the built environment, particularly in that of urban spaces.