Build Your Own City

Build Your Own City, 2011

Istvan Szakats

Collecting the Future “Urban Exhibition”


With the contribution of Derya Akkaya, Ece Dilan Köse, Vildan Büşra Tufan,

Gözde Çaylı, Duygu Güneysu, Tolga Saraç

The artist has thought about a project in which the city dwellers have a voice in the construction, configuration of the city and started an interactive project named ‘build your own city’. In a public space, a map of Sinop is placed and formed in 3D. Houses, mosques, banks, schools, trees, human forms that are made from plaster is placed within the map by a citizen passing by.
The important thing in this project is to make a research about the city beforehand, in which the citizens of the city are living in. They have to know what they have, what is missing, what it should have been like. The process of thinking is the fundament of town planning. It expresses peoples desires, how much and what the city needs, how could it be actualized, what should be in downtown, what should be in the outskirts
of the city…