Bringing Back

Bringing Back, 2012

Hande Varsat

Sinopale 4, “Wisdom of Shadow: Art in the Era of Corrupted Information”
Curator: Işın Önol

We worked two types of motifs over the gourds, a plant kind growing out in Sinop. On e of these motifs is the shape of an almost extinct plant called a sand lily, while the other one consists of the words that are unique to Sinopians but have started to be forgotten by the young generations of Sinop. Both the plant and the words are attempted to be revived inside the dark walls of the historical prison of the city that used to be an exile place. 

Very special thanks to Hicran Ozkan, Baris Mert, Ezgi Topcuoglu, and Nihat Ozdemir who have been very helpful to us in this project.