Body and Architecture

Body and Architecture

Workshop held by Nezaket Ekici


Beste Durmuş

Gülbahar Karaduman

Burçak Konukman

Başak Soyöz

Derya Şanlıtürk

Ata Türk & Bayram Altınbilek

Workshops aimed to teach and practice how to use the own body as a tool for artistic expression.

Beste Durmuş: The Hatred of Sinop

I arranged a table so that you can write down on paper and get off your chest everything that you do not like about Sinop. The participants crumpled up the paper that they had poured out their hated on until all their anger and fury was gone and then they calmed down by throwing the crumpled paper in the metal box. When the box was full with the citizens’ hatred, just like a ceremony, matches were distributed to everybody, we burned the papers and elimi- nated our hatred all together.

Materials: Table, paper, pen, metal box, matches.


Gülbahar Karaduman: Memory Tree

I saw the loneliness of elderly people who were sitting as I was passing by their building… I thought I could do something for them and asked them to write on paper and describe their loneliness and the memories that they could not tell anyone. Hanging these fading memories on the tree, I aimed to revive them. People who came to see the memory tree at the performance hour revived these memory leaves as the water refreshes the tree.

Materials: Straw paper, pen, fish line, hook, armchair


Burçak Konukman: Invitation for Awareness

A new experience, a different viewpoint on the lovers path where we pass by and look up to the horizon every day… With the desk placed on the red carpet I created a space within a space. Using familiar objects within this new space, I wished to share a process where you have individual experiences. Maybe this short experience allowed you to discover aspects of familiar objects and spaces that you have never noticed before. Or maybe you experienced a process where you will rediscover yourself.

Materials: Red carpet, desk, frame, torch, spectacles, flower, knick knacks, binoculars, toy ship, etc.


Başak Soyöz: Captive

At times we all feel like captives due to the ob- ligations in our lives. Even though we all have a different story, what we experience is a very common feeling. Having this aim, I symbolise our struggle to brake free from the ties of com- pulsion and reach the seas of freedom.

Materials: Black tire, black fabric.


Derya Şanlıtürk: The On-going Life

The fact that different people sitting in tea gardens reiterate the same things caught my attention. Even if we have different lives, we are in the same routine. The actions that we do in a day at different places and different times are repeated the following day. While time goes by, even though our on-going life is seemingly moving, just like a rocking chair, it remains only at the inertia composed of the routine reiteration of the same acts. This action that I do in front of the mirror is my inner confrontation.

Materials: Rocking chair, mirror, diving suit.


Ata Türk & Bayram Altınbilek: Preparation for The Global Warming

We did this performance in order to raise awareness and warn the public about global warming. If we do not use our water supplies sensibly and we remain insensitive to nature, we will make this universe uninhabitable. First, we will go through drought when our drinking water supplies are depleted, then we will be flooded by melting glaciers as a result of rising temperatures… That is why we chose to row next to the fountain and by the shore.

Materials: Inflatable boat, 4 shovels.