Black Sea Resonance

Black Sea Resonance, 2017

Ulrike Mohr

Sinopale 6, “Transposition
curator: Nike Baetzner, Jonatan Habib Enqvist,  T. Melih Görgün 

Ulrike Mohr’s artistic approach utilizes material transformation processes that are influenced by complex research and knowledge. Over the past years, the burning of char has become a central modus operandi in her work. Mohr’s large “spatial drawings” are characterized by an attention to detail and surface: Subtle textures of everyday objects are as important to her as the attempt to uncover relationships between aesthetics and science – present and past. In Sinop she collects drift wood from the Black Sea, transforms the found objects into charcoal and shows them as a large spacial drawing. Ulrike Mohr’s work is a metaphorical scratching on the surface of materials, making the individual layers visible and thus communicating the capacity for physical change implicit within each material substance. Black Sea Resonance involves acquiring a standpoint which is both very close to the object, literally touching the material in question, while also remaining distantly observant, resonating to the patterns of Black Sea.

Spacial drawing of driftwood charcoal, 4 x 7 x 5 m