Analı Kızlı

Analı Kızlı, 2019

Mehtap Baydu

Sinopale 7, “Here and Where / A Politics of Location”
Curator: Aslı Serbest & Mona Mahall

In the Turkish tradition, certain dishes are named after the beauty and eroticism of female body parts. For example, there is a meat dish called analı kızlı, a soup, azo gelin çorbası, and a dessert called dilber dudağı.
As part of the performance, the artist prepared 11 meals with 11 women and later consumed 60 invited guests. Only foods were given which bear the name of parts of the female body or are related to the female.
Already during a communal cooking lasting several days, the focus was on exchange and reflection on traditions and social conventions. The discussion of gender roles and the questioning of social norms also shaped the dinner with the guests.