Agony: The Last Instant Of Wellness Before Death

Agony: The Last Instant Of Wellness Before Death, 2011

T. Melih Görgün, Yeşim Dizdaroğlu, Mürteza Fidan

Collecting the Future “Urban Exhibition”

Water is considered as a potion for immortality. For cities that are near the water, the water connection and the culture based on it is of special importance. The “fountains” that were built to present this magical drink are also an image of time, documents conveying information. They are archeological sites through which we can define the culture of that specific society.
As a result of the inventory research conducted in Sinop, 12 fountains that are still functioning, i.e “pouring water”, reflecting architectural features of the period they were built have been located as spots of the city memory. But even though very important for the city, they are barely noticed by the citizens and in a state in which they even seem to have abandoned their true function. In order to draw attention to this issue, this action of carrying water is actualized by means of a performance. With the help of Sinopian youngsters, water collected from historical fountains of Sinop is carried to the the historical sarcophagus located within the garden of the exhibition space. The recordings of this performance (video and photographs) and the buckets that were used to carry the water, will take their places in the installation.