A Little Out of My Sunshine

A Little Out of My Sunshine, 2011

Francesco Ragazzi, Francesco Urbano

Collecting the Future “Urban Exhibition”


With the contribution of Canset Akay, Bilge Güneş, Derya Akkaya,
Cem Saraç, Cem Yılmaz, Çağatay Şimşek

With the purpose of giving a present to Sinop, Italian artists Urbano and Ragazzi have taken a digital print (180cmx150cm) from Sabina Grasso’s “Midnight Candy” series and moved it to Sinop Prison with a performance that took place in front of the community. Covered with a glossy paper, a bulky and mysterious object was carried away with the help of some youngsters. They decided where to go and what to show us. Every member of the group has picked a place that he or she likes, thus kind of a small city tour has occurred. Photographs were taken during the process and they were placed in shiny metal postcards. The postcards were placed inside the Sinop prison randomly, abruptly encountered, especially to those places that we don’t notice. The purpose of this project is to remember the radiance we felt back then, of what is worn out now.